miReg: miRNA Regulation Resource


miReg is a manually curated microRNA Regulation Resource that represents regulatory relationships among validated upstream regulators (Transcription factors or TFs, drugs, physical, and chemical), downstream targets, associated biological process, experimental condition or disease state, and up/down regulation of the miR in that condition in a graphical and user friendly manner along with corresponding published references. We present exact facts that have been described in the corresponding literature in relation to a given miR, whether it’s a feedback/feed-forward loop or inhibition/activation. Moreover we have given various links to integrate data and to get a complete picture on any miR listed.

There are 5 browsing modes: by miRs, by upstream regulators, by drugs/other modulators, by biological processes, and by diseases.

miReg will be useful to establish miR modulatory signalling pathways involved in various physiological and pathological conditions and we believe that miReg will be an essential miRNA knowledge base to research community, with its continuous upgrade and data enrichment.

This introductory version (Version 1.0) of miReg contains following information manually curated form 190 absolute PubMed references 

Important human miRs=47
Upstream validated regulators (proteins/TFs)=85 
Upstream validated regulators (drugs/ chemical/physical or biological process)=30
Experimentally validated targets=165
Biological process related miRs=70 
Disease association=38


 The miReg is developed by: 

Any financial or technical help is highly appreciated to improve miReg.

Citation: Barh D, Bhat D, and Viero C. miReg: a resource for microRNA regulationJournal of Integrative Bioinformatics, 7(1):144, 2010. [PubMed: 20693604]